24 Aug 2018
Jeppe Fun Run

The 7th annual Jeppe Fun Run took place on Saturday 18 August. Even though it was a cold and windy day, approximately 1700 participants still arrived to do the 5km Run/Walk through the streets of Kensington.

1st male: Darryn Whelan - 18:17

2nd male: Mark Chatham - 19:50

1st female: Megan Whelan - 22:30

2nd female: Tristan Torr - 23:16

1st Jeppe Girl: Tristan Torr - 23:16

1st dog: Bolt and owner, Louie Fourie

1st pram: Mohammed Bharoochi (father)

The full list of results is available in the downloads section of the sports website or by clicking the link below. Please note that we try to do as accurate results as we can, however, these are based on the names that were pre-registered with the school by the Jeppe Girls who sold the tickets. People who were without tickets/names or didn't complete the information as required may be missing from the list.

Link: https://www.socscms.com/socs/documents/sspresources/c04138a1-0bea-4624-91de-0264052b3f8c.pdf